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“Liftasaurs (episode)”
Season 7, Episode 6
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"Bad Build"

"Liftasaurs" is the sixty-fifth episode of Dinotrux and the sixth episode of season seven, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


While on a supply run, the Trux are attacked by a pack of Scraptors, and while fleeing them run into a herd of Liftasaurs. These blue-crested Trux, led by Heft and Yurg, are obsessed with lifting large stacks of rocks. Ty's group begins to bond with the enthusiastic group, though their natural competitiveness begins to rub off on Revvit and Waldo. However, the arrival of a rival tribe of yellow Liftasaurs led by Jaffa leads to a conflict that blocks Ty and company from making their way home.

After failing to move the offending rock with the help of the Blues alone and failing to convince them to cooperate with the Yellows, the Trux hit upon an idea. Constructing special crest covers, they give them to each herd to prevent them from realizing that they are working together. Unfortunately, the illusion is broken when the Scraptors arrive and attack, leading to a free-for-all as the Liftsaurs battle each other and the Scraptors. However, Waldo and Revvit recognize the hindrance their own competition has brought, and work together to help the Liftsaurs cooperate by following the example of Ty's group. With their feud ended, the Liftasaurs join together to move the barrier and allow Ty's group to continue home.





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