Season 2, Episode 13
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"Lightning" is the twenty-third episode of Dinotrux and the finale of season two.


After Ton-Ton goes through the Trux Wash with some scrap metal in his bed and wrecks many of their builds, the Trux are surprised to learn that Revvit is pleased; he had been planning on updating them. However, the Trux are forced to take shelter due to a lightning storm, which also passes over the Fortress of Fear and hits Skrap-It with a bolt of lightning. Finding his abilities and intelligence heightened similarly to Revvit's, he and D-Structs hatch a plan to undermine Ty and friends from the inside. Faking a rift between them, they trick Ty and the other into coming to Skrap-It's "rescue"; he then offers to help the Trux and tools with their builds.

Skrap-It quickly ingratiates himself with the group-except for Revvit-by inventing various new additions to their builds and other useful additions to the Flatirons. However, he then tricks them into building a machine that he bills as a "Parts Sorting and Retrieval System"; in reality it is intended to tear The Garage apart, and begins to do so after being supercharged by the a bolt of lightning. Ty and the Trux make various attempts to halt it, but in the end in falls to Revvit to bring the machine down. Skrap-It fails to stop him, and after being struck by another lightning bolt the Scraptool returns to his old self.





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