Line 7: Line 7:|[[General Mandible]]'s death|[[General Mandible]]'s death|[[Hotep and Huy]]'s defeat|[[Hotep and Huy]]'s defeat|Rameses' Soldiers' defeat
+|[[Rameses' Soldiers]]' defeat|[[Ramses|Rameses II]]'s defeat
+|[[Rameses II]]'s defeat|[[Statue Jaguar]]'s death|[[Statue Jaguar]]'s death|[[Tzekel-Kan]]'s defeat , [[Hernán Cortés]] and his soldiers' rehabilitation|[[Tzekel-Kan]]'s defeat , [[Hernán Cortés]] and his soldiers' rehabilitation|[[Mrs. Tweedy]]'s death
+|[[Mrs. Tweedy]]'s defeats|[[Mr. Tweedy]]'s despair
+|[[Mr. Tweedy]] and the [[Dogs]]'s rehabillitation|[[Monsieur Hood]] and [[Merry Men|The Merry Men]]'s defeats
+|[[Monsieur Hood]] and one of the [[Merry Men|Merry Men's]]'s defeats|[[Lord Farquaad]]'s death|[[Lord Farquaad]]'s death|[[Cougar]]'s defeat|[[Cougar]]'s defeat
Line 26: Line 26:|[[Don Lino]]'s rehabilitation|[[Don Lino]]'s rehabilitation|[[Luca]], [[Sharks]] [[Orcas]] and [[Swordfishes]]' rehabilitations|[[Luca]], [[Sharks]] [[Orcas]] and [[Swordfishes]]' rehabilitations
loladefeat.jpg|[[Lola (Shark Tale)|Lola]]'s despair
Loladefeat.jpg|[[Lola (Shark Tale)|Lola]]'s despair|[[Nana]]'s defeat|[[Nana]]'s defeat|One of The [[Fossas]]' defeats|One of The [[Fossas]]' defeats
Line 35: Line 35:|[[Dwayne LaFontant]]'s defeat|[[Dwayne LaFontant]]'s defeat|[[Blonde Henchrat]]'s death|[[Blonde Henchrat]]'s death|[[Fat Barry]] and [[Ladykiller]]'s death
+|[[Fat Barry]] and [[Ladykiller]]'s deaths|[[Thimblenose Ted]]'s death (off screen)|[[Thimblenose Ted]]'s death (off screen)|[[The Toad]]'s defeat|[[The Toad]]'s defeat|[[Spike]]'s death (off screen)
+|[[Spike]]'s defeat (off screen)|[[Whitey]]'s rehabilitation|[[Whitey]]'s rehabilitation|[[Marcel Marceau the Frog Mime]]'s rehabilitation|[[Marcel Marceau the Frog Mime]]'s rehabilitation
Line 64: Line 64:|[[Chantel DuBois' men]]'s defeat|[[Chantel DuBois' men]]'s defeat|[[Chantel DuBois]]' defeat|[[Chantel DuBois]]' defeat|[[Pitch Black]]'s defeat later death
+|[[Pitch Black]]'s defeat and death|[[Scorpion (The Croods)|Scorpion]]'s death|[[Scorpion (The Croods)|Scorpion]]'s death|[[Turkeyfish]]'s death|[[Turkeyfish]]'s death
Line 81: Line 81:|[[Smek]] and [[Kyle]]'s rehabilitation|[[Smek]] and [[Kyle]]'s rehabilitation|[[Kai]]'s death|[[Kai]]'s death|[[Chef]] and [[Creek]]'s death
+|[[Chef]] and [[Creek]]'s deaths|[[Francis E. Francis]]' defeat|[[Francis E. Francis]]' defeat|[[Eugene Francis]]' rehabilitation|[[Eugene Francis]]' rehabilitation
Line 87: Line 87:|[[Tippy Tinkletrousers|Professor Pippy P. Poopypants]]' defeat|[[Tippy Tinkletrousers|Professor Pippy P. Poopypants]]' defeat|[[Turbo Toilet 2000]]'s death|[[Turbo Toilet 2000]]'s death|[[Talking Toilets]]' defeats and deaths
+|[[Talking Toilets]]' deaths

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This is a gallery of various villains from movies, TV series, and video games, who have various defeats, deaths, despairs and rehabilitations.


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