This is a gallery of various villains from movies, TV series, and video games, who have various defeats, deaths, despairs and rehabilitations.


Animated films

Dreamworks Films|Termites' deaths|General Mandible's death|Hotep and Huy's defeats|Rameses' Soldiers' defeats|Rameses II's defeat|Statue Jaguar's death|Tzekel-Kan's defeat, Hernán Cortés and his soldiers' rehabilitations IMG 5293 jpg.png|Zuleika's defeat|Monsieur Hood and one of the Merry Men's's defeats|Lord Farquaad's death|Cougar's defeat|Cowboys' defeat 1#|Cowboys' defeat 2#|Cowboys' defeat 3#|Colonel and His Soldiers' rehabilitations|Eris' defeat|Fairy Godmother's death|Prince Charming's defeat (Shrek 2)|Frankie's death|Luca's rehabillitation Lino_annoyed_with_Sykes_Yos.jpg|Don Lino's rehabilitation|Sharks' rehabillitations Loladefeat.jpg|Lola's rehabillitation|Nana's defeat|One of The Fossas' defeats|Nugent the Dog's defeat|Vincent's defeat|Gladys Sharp's defeat|Dwayne LaFontant's defeat|Rapunzel's defeat|Prince Charming's death (Shrek the Third) Vincent's defeat in Bee Movie.jpg|Vincent's defeat (Bee Movie)|Layton T. Montgomery's defeat|Ken's despair|Tai Lung's death|The Shark's death|Makunga's defeat and Nana's despair (2nd Film)|The Alien Robots' deaths|Gallaxhar and Computer's deaths (offscreen)|Derek Dietl's defeat|Red Death's death|Fifi's death|Rumpelstiltskin's defeat|Tighten's defeat kung-fu-panda2-disneyscreencaps_com-8504.jpg|Boss Wolf's death|Wolf Army's deaths|Lord Shen's death|Jack's defeat|Jill's defeat|Chantel DuBois' men's defeats|Chantel DuBois' defeat|Pitch Black's death|Scorpion's death|Turkeyfish's death|Macawnivore and Bearowl's rehabilitations|The Crows' defeat 1#|The Crows' defeat 2#|The Crows' defeat 3# The_Crows_Standing_Defeat.png|The Crows' defeat 4#|Guy Gagne's defeat|King Tut and Ay's rehabilitations|Robespierre's defeat|Ms. Grunion's despair and rehabilitation|Drago Bludvist's defeat (offsceen)|Drago's Enslaved Bewilderbeast's defeat|Octopis' defeat|Dave's defeat|Boovs' rehabillitations|Gorg Commander's rehabillitation|Smek and Kyle's rehabilitations|Kai's death|Chef and Creek's death|Francis E. Francis' defeat|Eugene Francis' rehabilitation|Melvin Sneedly's defeat|Professor Pippy P. Poopypants' defeat|Turbo Toilet 2000's death|Mr. Krupp's despair|Talking Toilets' deaths

Aardman films|Mrs. Tweedy's defeat, later death|Mr. Tweedy and the Dogs' rehabillitations|Victor Quartermaine and Philip the Dog's defeat|Blonde Henchrat's death|Fat Barry and Ladykiller's deaths|Thimblenose Ted's death (offscreen)|The Toad's defeat|Spike's defeat|Whitey's rehabilitation|Marcel Marceau the Frog Mime's rehabilitation|Le Frog's despair and Henchfrogs' rehabilitations

Live Action

Larry_Quinn's_defeat.png|Larry Quinn's defeat Screenshot_20180323-151034.png|Rasputia Latimore's defeat

Television special villains

Cunnng fox defeat,png|Cunning Fox's Death|Mutant Pumpkins' 1st death|Mutant Pumpkins' 2nd and final death|Sugar's death

Short film villains

Dreamworks Shorts|Mr. Chew's defeat|Zombie Carrots' death Rumpelstiltskin gets coal.jpg|Rumpelstiltskin's defeat (Donkey's Caroling Christmas-tacular)|Mega-Megamind's death le chuchoteur.png|Le Chuchoteur's death RnB-219.png|Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale's defeat RnB-233.png|Fearless Leader's defeat

Wallace & Gromit Shorts|Lunar Robot/Cooker's rehabilitation|Feathers McGraw's defeat|Preston's rehabilitation|Piella Bakewell's death

Television show villains

Android_Skipper_died.jpg|Android Skipper's death Frances Alberta's despair.jpg|Frances Alberta's despair Dr. Blowhole's Defeat.png|Dr. Blowhole's defeat Vlcsnap-2015-01-06-18h42m54s124.png|Whispering Death, Scauldron and Changewing's 1st defeat The defeated Skrill.jpg|Skrill's defeat Vlcsnap-2015-01-26-21h55m17s53.png|Changewings' 2nd defeat The speed stingers going away.jpg|Lead Stinger and Speed Stingers' defeats Vlcsnap-2015-02-07-10h37m57s83.png|Savage's despair vlcsnap-2014-10-18-09h08m21s155.png|Dagur the Deranged's defeat Return of the Uncle King - Lemur Pinata.png|Uncle King Julien's defeat Ryker's Death.PNG|Ryker Grimborn's death Viggo's Death.PNG|Viggo Grimborn's death Frozen_Johann.jpg|Johann's death Goodbye scauldy.png|Scauldron's rehabilitation IMG 1540.PNG|Skrill's rehabilitation Dragons_Defenders_of_Berk_Season_2_Episode_20_Cast_Out,_Part_II_Watch_cartoons_online,_Watch_anime_online,_English_dub_anime1324.jpg|Whispering Death and Screaming Death's rehabilitations dragon.png|Ke-Pa's death Angor Rot death (Trollhunters).png|Angor Rot's death Bullar-Fail.png|Bular's death koto death.png|Koto's death Lance, Plaxum, Swirn, Blumfump, Luxia and Hunk (After Baku's Defeat).png|After Baku's defeat

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