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This article is about the original character. If you're looking for the Harvey Street Kids character, click here.

Little Audrey is a main character in a series of Paramount Pictures' Famous Studios cartoons from 1947 to 1958. Little Audrey was a favorite among the all-American men, and is aimed to primarily male adult audiences. Little Audrey is officially considered the first all-American tomboy.

Little Audrey first appeared in the 1947 Noveltoon, "Santa's Surprise", in which she is the all-American girl who lives in Manhattan, New York City and most prominent member of a multicultural child cast. According to animation, her first starring role was in the short "Butterscotch and Soda".

Harvey Street Kids Counterpart

Audrey in she appears in Harvey Street Kids.

Similar to her official counterpart, Little Audrey has three pigtails (two low and one high) and is a cute tomboy, but unlike her official counterpart, she was more rebellious, perky, childish, but has an explosive temper. Audrey wears a long-sleeved pink shirt with a lightning bolt, jeans and a pair of hi-tops.

Counterpart differences

Both Audreys' cuteness are the same, but her HSK counterpart looked very different, than her official 1930s counterpart.

A comparison between her official counterpart and her Harvey Street Kids counterpart.

Official Counterpart Harvey Street Kids Counterpart
Little Audrey wears her iconic 1930s outfit, including a little blue dress with puffed sleeves, a blue ribbon in her hair, white ankle socks, and a pair of very shiny black Mary Jane shoes. Little Audrey wears more contemporary clothing, including a long-sleeved pink shirt with a lightning bolt, jeans and a pair of hi-tops.
Little Audrey has a New York City accent. Little Audrey has a Valley girl accent.
Little Audrey lived in Manhattan, New York City. Little Audrey lived in Harvey Street.
Little Audrey was a cute, mischievous and tomboyishly beautiful little girl, with her imaginative, playful and adorable personality. Little Audrey was more rebellious, perkier, more childish, but has an explosive temper.
Little Audrey loves hanging out with boys, reading boy-oriented comic books, fishing, playing pranks, made inventions, sports, eating candies and stuff that was boyish. She really hates every girly stuff. She is the first all-American tomboy. Little Audrey loves creating inventions, sports and boys' stuff, but she totally loves girly stuff. She also likes the 1980's culture.
Little Audrey loves jazz and swing music, and can play the trumpet.
Little Audrey loves rock music from the 1980's, and can play the electric guitar.