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Little Creek is one of the main characters in Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. He is also Rain's owner.

Physical Appearance

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Little Creek is an adventurous, daring, brave Lakota. Little Creek is also very kind and caring, as shown through his bond with Spirit. Little Creek has fighting skills, as he is shown pulling off risky moves, and he is shown during one scene in the movie fighting soldiers attacking his camp. He has a very close friendship with Spirit, and he is the only human that Spirit allowed to ride on him without putting up a fight. Little Creek and Spirit's personalities are strikingly similar; both are young and adventurous and have a fun side the only main difference between them is that Little Creek is a human, while Spirit is a horse. Little Creek is different in several ways from other Dreamworks' leading men. Unlike many other Dreamworks' men, Little Creek is not the only main character, as both he and Spirit are the main characters. Another difference between Little Creek and other male characters from Dreamworks is that Little Creek does not have a love interest, while many other male characters from Dreamworks do.


Little Creek first spots Spirit when he is captured by the soldiers. He escapes riding on Spirit and takes him back to his village. At first, Spirit was distant towards Little Creek, but the two developed a deep friendship over time. Spirit and Little Creek both saved each other's lives sometime in the movie, and they both win back their freedom together. At the end of the movie, Little Creek says farewell to Spirit and Rain.



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