The Penguins of Madagascar
“Little Zoo Coupe”
Season 1, Episode 14
Little Zoo Coupe title.jpg
Production code
Story by
Written by Bill Motz & Bob Roth
Storyboards by
Written and storyboarded by
Directed by Nick Filippi
Original air date April 24, 2009
The Penguins of Madagascar Episodes
"Kingdom Come"
"All Choked Up"

"Little Zoo Coupe" is the 14th episode of Season 1 from The Penguins of Madagascar.


The penguins are test driving their toy car around. A very bored King Julien sees them and wants to drive their car. When Skipper denies his request, Julien just steals Alice's zoo cart and challenges the penguins to a race after he calls their car "babyish" and Skipper bets that it can "run circles around that monstrosity".

The penguins transform their car into a hot rod. They race King Julien whom cheats by having Mort and Maurice throw/spit bowling balls/chewing gum at the penguins. Rico uses explosive beans as a rocket to get take the lead but Phil throws a banana peal on the track causing them to spin out and stop just ahead of the finish line. King Julien wins the race. He crashes the zoo cart into a wall. But knowing that he won, he takes the penguins car and tries out a "pushy button" with his face on it. This button turns out to be a lemur ejection switch, an idea by Kowalski and he is thrown out of the car into the air and lands on the ground.

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