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File:Oscar coming up with a plan to save Angie from the mob.jpgFile:Oscar crushed by Angie's words.jpgFile:Oscar decides to dump Lola.jpg
File:Oscar deciding to save Angie from the Shark Mob.jpgFile:Oscar facing Don Lino.pngFile:Oscar finds Angie's doodle, showing how much she loves him.jpg
File:Oscar finishing his new office .jpgFile:Oscar flirts and dances with the turtles.jpgFile:Oscar foolishly bets all of Sykes' money.jpg
File:Oscar hears that Angie has been kidnapped by the sharks.jpgFile:Oscar leads the washers in dancing.jpgFile:Oscar looks thoughtful.jpg
File:Oscar next to the dead Frankie.jpgFile:Oscar overpowering Don Lino by trapping him in machinery.jpgFile:Oscar releasing stress.jpg
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File:Penguins-of-Madagascar3.jpgFile:Penguins-of-Madagascar DS US ESRB.jpgFile:Penguins-of-madagascar-2014-disneyscreencaps com-9421.jpg
File:Penguins-of-madagascar-movie-clip-shopping-for-revenge-.jpgFile:Penguins-of-madagascar-music-from-the-motion-picture cover.jpegFile:Penguins.jpg
File:PenguinsWithTedThePolarBear.jpgFile:Penguins 5.jpgFile:Penguins Of Madagascar Chris Miller On His Place On The Team
File:Penguins and king julien in the car.jpgFile:Penguins of Madagascar - "Antartica" Sneak PreviewFile:Penguins of Madagascar - Benedict Cumberbatch And John Malkovich Interview
File:Penguins of Madagascar - Movie TrailerFile:Penguins of Madagascar - Movie title.PNGFile:Penguins of Madagascar - Official Trailer
File:Penguins of Madagascar - Penguin colony view.PNGFile:Penguins of Madagascar - Penguins falling from the line.PNGFile:Penguins of Madagascar - Penguins having fun.PNG
File:Penguins of Madagascar - Penguins walking.PNGFile:Penguins of Madagascar Movie CLIP - North Wind Headquarters (2014) Benedict Cumberbatch Movie HDFile:Penguins of Madagascar Screenshot.jpg
File:Penguins of Madagascar The Movie - Trailer 2File:Penguins of Madagascar poster.jpgFile:Penguins of madagascar logo.jpg
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