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File:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Clip Waffles in the forestFile:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Clip Welcome to the resistanceFile:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Do the Roar!
File:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Donkey's Eyeball TrickFile:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Featurette Meet RumpelstiltskinFile:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Featurette Shrek - The Final Chapter
File:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Home Video Trailer for Shrek Forever After The Final ChapterFile:Shrek Forever After (2010) - I'll Be FineFile:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Interview Antonio Banderas "On how much Puss In Boots is now part of his life"
File:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Interview Cameron Diaz "On being Fiona in four Shrek movies"File:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Interview Eddie Murphy "On the voice and personality of Donkey"File:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Interview Mike Myers "On what's going on in Shrek's life at the start of the movie"
File:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Open-ended Trailer for Shrek Forever AfterFile:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Puss in RetirementFile:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Rumpel's Business Wig
File:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Second trailer for Shrek Forever AfterFile:Shrek Forever After (2010) - The lovable animated ogre is back in this trailerFile:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Trailer 1
File:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Trailer 2File:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Trailer 3File:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Trailer for this animated follow up to the popular film series
File:Shrek Forever After (2010) - WafflesFile:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Warrior FionaFile:Shrek Forever After (2010) - Welcome to the Resistance
File:Shrek Forever After Movie Clip - Plus Size PussFile:Shrek Forever After Movie Trailer - Teaser TrailerFile:Shrek Forever After Movie Trailer - Trailer
File:Shrek Forever After Movie Video - "Meet Rumpel" FeaturetteFile:Shrek Forever After Review from Spill.comFile:Shrek Forever After The Game (VG) (2010) - Multiplatform trailer
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File:Shrek Smash and Crash Racing (VG) (2006) - Video Game Trailer (e29281)File:Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing Nintendo DS VideoFile:Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing Nintendo DS Video 2007 04 04
File:Shrek SuperSlam (VG) (2005) - Video Game Trailer (e25325)File:Shrek Super Slam ps2coverUSA.jpgFile:Shrek The Final Chapter (2010) - The lovable animated ogre is back in this trailer
File:Shrek The Halls (2007) - Home Video TrailerFile:Shrek The Musical () - Home Video Trailer for Shrek The MusicalFile:Shrek The Musical Freak Flag
File:Shrek The Third (2007) - Behind The Scenes Murphy As DonkeyFile:Shrek The Third (2007) - Behind The Scenes Myers As ShrekFile:Shrek The Third (2007) - Clip Good Morning
File:Shrek The Third (2007) - Clip No One Will Stand In My WayFile:Shrek The Third (2007) - Clip Princesses Join ForcesFile:Shrek The Third (2007) - Interview Amy Poehler On Being Proud To Be A Part Of Shrek The Third
File:Shrek The Third (2007) - Interview Cameron Diaz On Coming Back To Voice Fiona For Shrek The ThirdFile:Shrek The Third (2007) - Interview Eddie Murphy On Why Shrek Is TimelessFile:Shrek The Third (2007) - Interview Eric Idle On The Film's Version Of Merlin
File:Shrek The Third (2007) - Interview Julie Andrews On The StoryFile:Shrek The Third (2007) - Interview Justin Timberlake On The Message Of The FilmFile:Shrek The Third (2007) - Interview On How He Rallies The Fairytale Villains
File:Shrek The Third (2007) - Open-ended Extra (Clip) (e32616)File:Shrek The Third (2007) - Open-ended Trailer (e31670)File:Shrek The Third (2007) - Open-ended Trailer (e35205)
File:Shrek The Third (VG) (2007) - Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360File:Shrek The Whole Story Boxed Set (2010) - Home Video Trailer for Shrek The Whole Story Boxed SetFile:Shrek and Fiona after fight.jpg
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