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Lord Darkan sits on his throne.jpg

Lord Darkan is a giant marine iguana warlord, ruler of Cardigal and main antagonist from Kulipari: Dream Walker.


When Darkan organizes the tournaments, he sends bounty hunters to the outback and asks them to bring participants to the tournaments. And if someone opposes him, he will judge everyone who opposes him in the arena to fight. When he kidnapped a Kulipari named Koa, he forced him to fight in tournaments. And when Marmoo, the former leader of the Scorpion Army, was playing for doom, he also wanted him for tournaments, and that’s why Killara gave Marmoo a gift to Darkan to pay off the debts. But Darkan demanded one big pearl from Killara as payment and compensation for attacking his troops. During the tournaments, when Ponto and Koa began to fight, Darel made Koa resist Darkan, and during the revolution, Koa used his forces to destroy Cardigal, and Darel and his friends escaped from Cardigal.