Lucky is the nickname of Fortuna Esperanza Navarro Prescott, the main human character of Spirit Riding Free. She befriends Spirit Jr., the son of the legendary horse Spirit, after he is captured by people from her town, after the events of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. She is the daughter of Jim and the late Milagro and she lives with her aunt Cora and her step-mother, Kate Flores, and her little half-sister, Polly.


Lucky used to live in the city but then Lucky moved to the small town of Miradero, where she lived as a girl in the city with her own group of friends. In the Spirit Riding Free book written by Suzanne Selfors, the name of Lucky's old school was Madame Barrow's Finishing School for Young Ladies.

Lucky spotted a wild horse which soon became her companion later on. She named the horse Spirit.


Lucky is gutsy, adventurous, and rider. She loves riding her horse, Spirit and loves to learn new tricks. She’s friendly, social, and selfless. She loves her friends and family and will do anything for them. She’ll even risk her life for them. She can also be impatient, impulsive, rebellious, and stubborn, as she usually doesn‘t give up until she does what she thinks is right. This leads to her acting out. She usually leads her friends on adventures that are more rash. She thinks it’s unfair when the adults make all the rules right then and there, as she can be openly rebellious and disobey strict orders. Normally her impulsiveness is triggered when her friends, namely Spirit, are in need of help.


Lucky is a beautiful young girl of average height with hazel-colored eyes and brown hair. In the series, she wears a white shirt with a red trim, brown pants, and brown boots with yellow and orange flames previously donned by her mother, (Milagro‘s boots). She wears no socks and is barefoot underneath her boots.

In the upcoming film, Lucky's appearance had a major change but her clothes are the same. She will keep her white shirt, a dark pair of jeans with a scarf that wrapped up to the left side.


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