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Lucky is the nickname of Millicent Esperanza Abby Prescott, the main human character of Spirit Riding Free. She befriends Spirit Jr., the son of the legendary horse Spirit, after he is captured by people from her town, after the events of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Lucky lives with her father Jim and her bossy aunt Cora. Her mother, Milagro died.


Pru and Abigail

Luck Pru and Abigail are best friends and together for the PALS


Spirit Means more than the world to Lucky they have been friends ever since she moved to Miradero

Kate Flores

Lucky reunites with Kate after returning from El Circos dos Grillos

Kate and Lucky didn't mind each other in Season 1 but in Season 2 her Dad started dating Ms. Flores in Season 4, episode 7 her Father missed her circus performance to propose to Kate. when she overheard them when they got home. She began to thing her Dad forgot her mom Milagro so she ended up running away to join El Circo dos Grillos which is the circus her mother used to Travel in, at the End of Season 5, Episode 3 she reunites with her father but after Kate walks through the door Kate walks through and Lucky gives her a hug. In season 7 her father married Kate and now she is about to have a new sibling.


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