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Lucy Tucci is Tip's mother from the film Home. She is voiced by Jennifer Lopez.


Lucy is a loving and caring mother who unfortunately gets separated from her daughter Tip to an Alien species called the Boov. She was assembly given a frozen sweetened bovine secretion treat (Ice cream), while being temporarily relocated to Happy Humans Town.


Lucy is a loving, friendly, and compassionate woman who truly loves her daughter Tip very much.


Long straight brown hair, big round brown eyes, light tan skin.


  • mmm.. This is so beautiful!
  • [confused, floating in the air and trying to reach for her daughter's hand] Tip! It will be okay!?
  • You've been saying that for two weeks.. Please! she has big green eyes and beautiful brown skin, So tell me where she is or find me a Boov who can!
  • Oh Tip my beautiful girl, I was so scared we'd never see each other!
  • [looking up at the Gorg mothership] Umm.. excuse me, what is that!?
  • It's going to destroy the Planet!?
  • [while receiving her present from Tip] Now? Ohh.. Thank you sweetheart! wha.. whaa.. wha.. What are you doing?
  • [after seeing Tip running towards the Gorg mothership] Tip!.. STOP!... TIP!!