There, there, thats where the squirrel attacked us, and he had like rabies or something, and then there was this gross, naked amphibian thing...-Mackenzie


Mackenzie is a girl scout in the movie Over the Hedge. She is best friends with another girl scout named

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Mackenzie cries when Ozzie is hit by a car.

Shelby. Unlike Shelby, Mackenzie is thin. Mackenzie's most famous scene is the scene where she tries to hit a turtle named Verne with a thick book, but instead hits Shelby in the face. Although Mackenzie is shown to have contempt for Verne, she has compassion for Ozzie the Possum, crying when he is hit by a car. This shows that Mackenzie is one of the few, human characters in Over the Hedge that actually cares for animal life. Unlike Shelby, who admires the Verminator, Mackenzie has a look of disgust when the Verminator shows up to kill the animals. This further demonstrates Mackenzie's care for animal life and well-being. Mackenzie's most prominent character trait is how she is easily grossed out by the animals. In most of her scenes, she is shrieking "Eww!"

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Mackenzie is disgusted by the Verminator.

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Mackenzie shrieking.

Plot Relevance

Because of Mackenzie's complaints to her mother, Janis about Hammy and Verne, Gladys Sharp becomes concerned about the animals. This leads to Gladys calling the Verminator,

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Mackenzie in the act of hitting Shelby in the face with a book.

who almost kills the animals at the end of the movie.

I want my cookiess!! -Hammy

I want my cookiess!! -Hammy. Over The Hedge

These are the most important moments of the two girl scouts in over the hedge. This video depicts the entire encounter with the animals and the girl scouts. Skip to 0:56.

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