Fairy Godmother's Magic Wand is the magical object that was introduced in Shrek 2. It was used only by Fairy Godmother herself, for bringing misery in other peoples lives (as Fairy calls it "the only way out").

Shrek 2

Fairy Godmother using her wand to lock Shrek and let her son pretend Fiona's beloved

In the movie, it doesn't have a key role as the main object, but it's pretty attractive to itself, because of being Fairy Godmother's only accessory, which she always carries in her hand... Anyway it especially brights with fame in the final moments, when by being Fairy's only defensive weapon Shrek's friends try to get rid of it, so none could intervene into their reunion and it works but... Prince Charming rips it out of Puss' paw (after mess Puss owns it) and throws it to his beloved mommy, which in her wicked temper, for ruining her plans throws out all her anger through the wand to Shrek, but King Harold, (ashamed of he's deeds) gets the most of curse's dose and the other half, with the help of Harold's shining armors turns back to Fairy, causing her demise and of course death... What about King Harold? He stays alive, but by that horrible spell turns into the toad, until his death (Shrek 3).

Scared Shrekless

In this Halloween short, the wand was introduced by Donkey in one of his spooky tails, about disguised Prince Charing roasting Puss in Boots alive, but Puss remakes the story and says that he just reflected the spell, with his blade, but he's again treated for doom by Donkey's remake...


  • Curses: The wand can cast really strong curses; King Harold's toad form wasn't removed until his death
  • Materialization spells: It's great in Jinxes too, it changed Fairy's dress for seconds
  • Attack spells: When user wants to attack an opponent, the wand unleashes the lightning-like spell which causes huge material harm
  • Destruction spells: The Wand's darkest side is this kind of spells and of course it's good in this too; Fairy Godmother death was caused by her own, reflected spell


  • The Magic Wand was inspired by using Disney's and Harry Potter's wand sketches, but at final station it was formed as the ironic toy-like wand, as sassy as it's mistress
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