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"Magnet Mountain" is the thirty-ninth episode of Dinotrux and the finale of season three.


After D-Structs forms an alliance with several unseen Dinotrux, Ty and Revvit get back to The Garage to find it abandoned, with signs of a struggle. Following a trail of Garby's spikes, they soon discover that D-Structs has trapped the rest of their friends, and that his new allies include Blayde and Splitter. After failing to sneak into Magnet Mountain, where their friends have been trapped, the two are forced to confront the Dozeratops and Sawmetrodon. Succeeding, they then meet up with an escaped Ace and are led to the rest of the team but despite Revvit without his bits.

Unfortunately, Blayde has alerted D-Structs to Ty's presence, and he calls upon his final ally, Pounder, to attack the other T-Trux. Pounder's efforts are successful, and Ty ends up magnetized to a wall with the other Trux and most of the tools while the villains depart to seal all entrances into the mountain. However, Revvit is able to inspire the Trux to do what they do best: build. Creating hovering magnetic sleds, they make their way through the tunnels and out of the mountain, much to the frustration of D-Structs and his allies.