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Season 7, Episode 5
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"Liftasaurs (episode)"

"Magnodozer" is the sixty-fourth episode of Dinotrux and the fifth episode of season seven, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


Looking to replenish their supply of Supercharagers, the Dinotrux follow Xee to Cave-In Canyon, only to find the terrain as treacherous as the name implies. Determined to obtain the superchargers, the group heads back to The Garage, unaware that D-Structs is observing them. They then design some upgrades for Dozer-an improved frill and tail harpoon-and fit him with their last supercharger so he can doze through the unstable rocks. However, his reckless approach causes him to draw in pulverized magnetic Ore, which interacts with the supercharger to turn Dozer into a living magnet.

Cut off from Dozer by a wall, the other Trux try to reach him while he continues to accumulate pieces of scrap. He also ends up with Skrap-It and Break-It magnetized to him, and ends up stuck to D-Structs after Smash-It brings him to see what's become of the other Scraptools. The two wind up suspended over a chasm, with Ty and the others desperately working to complete a rescue platform before D-Structs shakes Dozer loose. They succeed, and then make their way home with new superchargers while D-Structs is left hanging from a ledge with the Scraptools.





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