Makunga is the main antagonist of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.


He was a narcissistic lion and Zuba's rival that wants to take Zuba's place as "Alpha Lion and also calls Alex a "pathetic excuse of a son". When asked why he wants to become Alpha Lion, Makunga replies, "I'm better looking, I have better hair, I'm deceivingly smart; and I want everyone else to do what I say". Makunga has a large, black, Elvis-styled mane and green eyes, then used Alex, years later, to finally reach the rank of Alpha Lion.

However, he is not a very good leader, saying that the only solution to the fact that the local water hole was nearly dry was that they all would "have to fight for it". This causes doubt about his role as Alpha Lion and almost every animal on the reserve wants Zuba back. Eventually meets his downfall when being tricked into angering Nana, who was mad at Alex, by being tricked into taking her handbag, and he was immediately attacked by her, grabbed by the mane, and taken away. The DVD commentary reveals that "Nana brought Makunga to New York in a kitty cage". He is color scheme is similar to Scar's (the villain from The Lion King) and was voiced by Alec Baldwin.


  • He bears a similar appearance to Scar from the Disney film The Lion King, who is also the main villain of the film.
    • Unlike Scar though, Makunga is just more of a pompous jerk instead of outright evil.


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