Marlene the Otter (born October 25, 1952) is assumed to have lived in the Central Park zoo all her life (as the evidence suggests in Otter Gone Wild). Marlene is a main character in the series, but is mostly seen as a secondary character on the show. She sometimes gets dragged into the penguins mission unitentionally just as much as Julien the Lemur does. She is known to snore so loud she frightens an alligator named Roger, living in the sewers below the habitat. This leads to Marlene and Skipper investigating the sewers and Marlene saving Skipper's life twice, though he denies it. Marlene has shown feelings for Skipper and he has shown some back. She was shown to have a crush on Julien in the episode Otter Gone Wild, but this is probably only because she had 'gone wild', as the title suggests. She gets very angry when Skipper makes a biased remark about mammals which causes her to try and attack him, but was held off. Even though Marlene is one of the smartest and kindest animals in the zoo she is usually teased and ignored, mostly by Skipper who calls her 'cute and naive' and refuses her advice in Monkey Love and leaves her in a cage in Otter Gone Wild after she was returned to normal. In many ways she is like Private and Kowalski and a little like Julien, but she's the complete opposite of Skipper and Rico. Marlene is also very brave and doesn't mind joining Skipper's challenging missions. She usually doesn't take sides between the penguins and lemurs, and it usually depends on which species treat her kinder at that time She is voiced by Nicole Sullivan (Dee Bradley Baker as the Wild Marlene)


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