Performer: Wayne Knight
Appeared in: The Penguins of Madagascar

Max (A.K.A. "Maximillian") is a skinny stray cat in The Penguins of Madagascar who is the Penguins' best friend. He is voiced by Wayne Knight.

Episode Debut

Max first met the Penguins in "Launchtime" when the Penguins end up on a rooftop across the street from the zoo instead of on the moon. At first, the Penguins thought that he was a "Moon Cat", but at the end, they figure out that he was just a stray cat. At first, Max wanted to eat the Penguins, but he was so touched that he was given a can of fish by them that he became their friend instead. Max someday, hopes to catch a bird in his life.


Max has yellow and white fur with brown stripes. He also has a cut in each ear.

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