The Mega-Gecko is a robot created by Timo and the main antagonist of the All Hail King Julien episode "The Really Really Big Lie".


When Julien wreck Todd's birthday he then thought of the Mega-Gecko and said that it attack the party ground and all of the lemurs stand on lookout, King Julien later want to ask Timo to build the Mega-Gecko so King Julien could make the other lemurs would believe that it was was real, however it ended up going on a rampage and ate both Mort, Clover, the other lemurs and attacked the kingdom.

Julien was able to stop it by go up it's butt and hitting the manual override which causing it to shut down and falls off a cliff, however in the end of the episode, The Mega-Gecko eye started to glow again hinting that the beast may still be alive and will return.

It also appeared in the season two episode "King Juli-End" where Timo reprogrammed it to be use against Uncle King Julien and stop him from taking the thorn but King Julien accidentally activated the self-destruct sequence and with a tight safety belt, he couldn't get out until at the very last second, he ejected himself.


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