Mei Mei is a panda character who appeared in the 2016 film, Kung Fu Panda 3.


Mei Mei's outfit was designed to resemble that of a bride's, consisting of a decorative red robe with purple lining, and a pink dress worn underneath. She also wears a blue sash around her waist that has two strings of beads attached with tassels. She also occasionally carries a lavender fan with a butterfly design on it.


Mei Mei enjoys ribbon-dancing and performing, and is fun, easygoing, and hyperactive, as well as being rather "diva-like". She is also mildly narcissistic and controlling, willing to use her ribbons like puppet-strings on someone and playfully act like they're lavishing her with attention. She also tends to be very forward and flirtatious, particularly around Po. She also flirted with another male panda at the end of the film.

She is also very confident, standing up to the jade zombies and giving one of them a beat down with her nunchucks and ribbons.


Kung Fu Panda 3

Mei Mei was first shown presenting herself in a ribbon-dancing performance as Po, Li, Mr. Ping, and several panda villagers watched. While Po was dumbfounded, Mei Mei tried to impress him and flirted with him, much to his unease. She proceeded to wrap him in her ribbons and move him to perform actions that made it look like Po was trying to woo her. Additionally, Mei Mei insisted on showing him how to dance, despite his reluctance, and ended the performance by holding him up in the air wrapped in ribbons, to which the crowd cheered.

Later, as the threat of Kai came closer to the Panda Village, Po decided to teach the pandas how to fight using their known talents. He taught Mei Mei how to use nunchucks, helping her to apply her ribbon-dancing to learning combat. Though she was clumsy with the weapon at first, she was soon able to use it to great effect, and quickly defeated one of Kai's jade zombies.

When Po sent himself and Kai to the Spirit Realm, she and the others in the Panda Village gathered to help Po as he was battling Kai. She used her chi with the others, acknowledging herself as "a nunchuck chick", and helped Po to defeat Kai.

After Kai's defeat and Po's return to the mortal realm, Mei Mei was shown practicing kung fu at the Jade Palace with the other pandas, and was briefly shown to be flirtatiously impressed with a different male panda.


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  • Mei Mei was originaliy going to be voiced by Rebel Wilson at first.
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