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  • I have removed the "deuteragonist" and "tritagonist" descriptions from the page because they have several problems. The first is that sometimes they mean "there are two/three main characters who are all equally important" and sometimes they mean "this character is second-most/third-most important". There's no consistency as to which one is used.

    This leads to the second problem, which is people can't make up their minds, so one person will call Tigress a deuteragonist, another person will call her a tetartagonist, another will call her a primary protagonist, another will call her a deuteragonist again, and then the first person will change their mind and say Tigress is now a tritagonist.

    And this leads to a third problem, which is people start trying to modify those, with things like "tertiary tritagonist", which can either mean, "Tigress is one of the three most-important characters, but she's less important than the other two" or it becomes "Tigress is the third-most important character, yet she's even less important than that".

    The focus needs to be on what the characters do, not trying to pin a rigidly-defined label on them. Those labels lead to edit wars because everyone has a different idea about exactly, precisely which rigidly-defined label the character should have, even if they change it from day to day and contradict what they said before.

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