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Oh, Minion. You fantastic fish, you
―Megamind to Minion[src]

Minion is the deuteragonist of the Megamind franchise. He is Megamind's henchman and best friend. He is the tritagonist of Megamind and the deuteragonist of the short film, The Button of Doom. He is voiced by David Cross who also voiced Crane from Kung Fu Panda. His appearance is a robot with a fish inside a dome of water. His body, arms, and legs are those of a gorilla. When he was a baby fish, he was in a fluid filled ball.

In the present, he calls Megamind "sir." He and Megamind used Hal Stewart as the hero-turned-villain, Titan. He loves Megamind, but Megamind is bored because he missed Metro Man, everyone's biggest hero. Minion decided he should make Megamind feel better.


Opposed to his narcissistic boss, Minion is considerably more humble and polite but retains his villainous status nevertheless his lack of sheer antagonism. Even so, Minion has committed a number of fairly evil acts in Megamind's name; amongst them his jocular reaction at Metro Man's death and how the two caused a rampage throughout Metro City after his demise. During this period, Minion was clearly more fulfilled over causing mayhem than Megamind was due to understanding that the battles between good and evil revolved around the other side becoming triumphant whereas, after discovering Megamind was unfulfilled without having a hero to fight, became visually disturbed over this realisation.

Even though his purpose in life was to protect and serve Megamind, Minion noticeably has reservations outside of his master's actions and ego. When Metro Man was killed and Megamind, drowned in his own victory, proceeds to boast about this, he claims that it was a team effort between the two. Secondly, when Megamind unveiled his plans to create a new hero to fight, Minion verbally voiced concern regarding his plan to create a being rivalling the powers of Metro Man as opposed to where he would keep his reservations about Megamind's harebrained evil schemes to himself. If necessary, Minion will protect Megamind even from himself as when he saw his master abandon his purpose from a villain by going out on a date with Roxanne Ritchi, Minion steps out of his place by hiding the keys from him and physically standing in his way.

Despite his kind nature, Minion is not necessarily a quick forgiver as he tricked an apology out of Megamind before letting him out of prison whilst disguised as the warden instead of immediately releasing him due to his previous harsh words toward him. He also has a mischievous and somewhat cruel sense of humour such as pretending to die when his fish bowl broke after sacrificing himself battling Tighten.