Master Monkey (or simply Monkey) is another character and a member of the Furious Five in the Kung Fu Panda Franchise.


It was shown in "Monkey in the Middle" that before joining the Furious five, Monkey, along with his older brother Wu Kong, were the troublemakers in their home village but, while Monkey was happy just merely playing pranks, Wu Kong sank deeper into a life of crime and became the town thief. He was quickly capture and taken to jail, shaming his family. Years later, Wu Kong escaped and was even trying to steal money from his own mother while she was asleep. Monkey, now training at the Jade palace, caught him stealing and begins to fight him. During their battle, Monkey left a scar on Wu Kong's face. Monkey's mother wakes up and see her two sons fighting, which breaks her heart and causes her to collapse. Wu Kong quickly leaves yet again and disappears into darkness. Soon before she passed on, Mother's mother makes Monkey promise to protect the family.

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