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  • The fighter jets are F-14 Tomcats and the helicopters are AH-64 Apaches.
  • The large aircraft used to transport the monsters to San Francisco is based on an actual Guppy aircraft. The first Guppy was built in 1962 for NASA by Aero Spacelines of California to transport spacecraft components.
  • Wilhelm scream: During the fight with the "Gallaxhar" clones.
  • The synthesizer that President Hathaway uses to communicate with the giant robot is a Yamaha DX7.
  • While the President bears a slight resemblance to Stephen Colbert, the character's look had been finalized some time before Colbert had even been cast for the part.
  • A code title used during production was "Showdown".
  • When the government arrive at the church to investigate the crash site when the camera pans to the back of their van when the door closes you can see a camera crew visible in the reflection of the door.
  • The multi-colored pads that Dr. Cockroach dances on use the same sound effects as the light-up memorization game "Simon". The dancing in sync with the lighted pads is a reference to the arcade game Dance Dance Revolution (1998), in which you do the same thing, only in sync with the on-screen prompts.
  • The San Francisco streetcar that Dr. Cockroach modifies with rocket engines is an Italian-made vintage Peter Witt streetcar in the 1928 white-and-yellow color scheme. The streetcar in the movie has number #2930 (as of release, not an assigned number)
  • Movie is set in Modesto, CA, birthplace of George Lucas.
  • For the scenes of Ginormica wandering the streets of San Francisco, a replica of the set was built and supervising animator Line Korsgaard Andersen was videotaped walking around it as reference for the animators.
  • The two technicians who first discover Gallaxhar's ship are named Ben and Jerry, like the ice cream brand.
  • In one of the cities where Gallaxhar's message is being shown, there are blinking neon letters on one of the skyscrapers. These letters are Japanese katakana, and they spell "ka-ra-o-ke."
  • In the scene during the closing credits, the President asks the audience if anyone wants to freeze his head. Stephen Colbert, who provided the voice of the President, gives detailed outlines on how to unfreeze his head in an apocalyptic future in his book, 'I Am America and So Can You'.
  • This is the first Universal Animation Studios film to be in 3D
  • This is the first Universal Animation Studios to have a female protagonist with a male antagonist