Morvok's cruel grin.png

Commander Morvok is one of the commanders of Galra Empire and one antagonist in season two of Voltron: Legendary Defender. A diminutive, somewhat overweight commander known-and despised-for his flattery, Morvok enjoyed assignments that involved preying on helpless innocents like the natives of Taujeer and taking their resources for the Galra. However, shortly after leaving the Taujeerians to die on their unstable world, Morvok was ordered to return in order to engage the Defenders of the Universe, and despite efforts to weasel out of the mission was forced to return. Due to the absence of Keith and their inability to form Voltron, Morvok briefly enjoyed and advantage and even believed he would triumph and thus earn Zarkon's favor. Keith's return spelled doom for Morvok, who put on a show of zealousness as he ordered his troops to ram the Taujeerian ark while ordering a Galra Sentry to ready his personal escape pod.


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