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Mosasaurus is a marine reptiles that appeared in the DreamWorksNetflix's series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.


Physical Appearance[]

Mosasaurus has a streamlined body with four flippers and elongated tail. It has a second rows of teeth on the upper jaw.


The Mosasaurus behaves like a shark by circling around the campers in order to test them and sees anyone as intruders in it's domain.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

In "Welcome to Jurassic World", the campers entered the Jurassic World Lagoon and now realized that the Mosasaurus lives here. The Mosasaurus then circles around the three canoes to test them. Then it swim below them. It starts chasing after Darius and Sammy until Yasmina saves them by distracting it by banging the big pipe with her row to give it attention. It then goes after Yaz instead.

In "Whatever It Takes", the Mosasaurus was seen eating the man on the helicopter ladder during the rainstorm before it escape into the ocean.

In "Beneath the Surface", Mosasaurus ate shark before it could eat Darius. The campers wondered how the Mosasaurus get out of the Lagoon and into the ocean. The Mosasaurus then approached Darius and Kenji but they managed to escape.


  • The Mosasaurus is lacking a forked tongue and a tail fluke.


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