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Motato is a major antagonist in the Big Idea franchise, VeggieTales in the House.


When Motato first appeared, he kidnaps Ichabeezer and steals whatever he wants. He later made Ichabeezer say the the code for his safe, but he always won't, since the safe is used to protect important stuff. Larry-Boy later came to stop Motato in order to rescue Ichabeezer.

He appeared again in other episodes with different plans, mainly theft.

In VeggieTales in the City: Attack of the Marshmallow Laser, he gave up his evil life for good after Aprilcot betrayed him, Motato then redeemed himself, saved the League of Heroes, and became a Hero.


He is likely greedy, since he steals whatever he wants and he was even threatening people.

Physical Appearance[]

He appeared as a potato with long nose, a mustache and thick eyebrows. His eyes also appeared asymmetrical in size, since his left eye is bigger, but his right eye has a bigger pupil. His pupils also have different colors from each other. His right is green, while his left is pink. He also appeared to have his green villainous suit with vertical stripes. He also has an "M" on his belt buckle, likely stands for his name.


  • He shares similarities with Awful Alvin. This includes:
    • Recurring villains towards Larry-Boy.
    • Bushy eyebrows
    • Different shaped eyes
    • Hammy personalities
  • According to Doug TenNapel, his name is a mix of "mutated potato".
  • He is the fourth recurring villain of Larry-Boy in the entire franchise, and the first to appear more than two times.
  • He is the only villain from the Netflix series to not have his debut episode named after himself.
  • He had a pet lobster named Clampy for a short period of time.


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