Mr. Nezzer (introduced 1995) is a zucchini who initially takes the villain roles in the VeggieTales videos. Mr. Nezzer made his debut in Rack, Shack & Benny as "Nebby K. Nezzer" (an allusion to Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon) the owner of a chocolate bunny factory who creates an idol that he wants everyone to worship. In The Toy That Saved Christmas, Mr. Nezzer plays Nebby's brother "Wally P. Nezzer", again with side-kick and chief trouble-maker Mr. Lunt. In The Star of Christmas and An Easter Carol, he is "Ebenezer Nezzer" (an allusion to Ebenezer Scrooge) who owns a theatre and an Easter egg factory respectively. In addition to his roles as the villain, Mr. Nezzer usually appears as the leader in VeggieTales videos such as his role as the King Xerxes of Persia character in Esther… The Girl Who Became Queen, Olaf the lead Viking in Lyle the Kindly Viking, and the Mayor of Dodgeball City in The Ballad of Little Joe and Moe and the Big Exit.

Mr. Nezzer is voiced by Phil Vischer.

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