Directed By

  • Rob Minkoff

Produced By

  • Alex Schwartz, P.G.A.
  • Denise Nolan Cascino, P.G.A.

Executive Producers

Screenplay By

Additional Screenplay Material By

Based on "Peabody's Improbable History"

from the TV Series "Rocky & Friends"

Produced by Jay Ward

Music By

  • Danny Elfman
  • Tyburrell


  • Michael Andrews, A.C.E.

Head of Story

  • Walt Dohrn

Production Designer

Visual Effects Supervisor

Director of Previsualization

Head of Character Animation

  • Jason Schleifer

Art Director

Associate Producer

Production Managers

Animation Supervisor

Head of Effects

Supervising Technical Director

  • Corban Gossett

Character Effects Supervisor

  • Damon Riesburg

Head of Lighting

Lighting Supervisors

  • Ken Ball
  • Annmarine Koenig
  • Ronman Yiu Yan Ng
  • Milton E. Rodriguez-Rios

Modeling Supervisor

Surfacing Supervisor

Character TD Supervisor

Final Layout Supervisors

Matte Painting Supervisor

  • Pete Billington

Crowds Supervisor

  • Kevin Vassey


  • Willem V. Drees

Visual Consultant

  • Guillermo Navarro, ASC

Sound Designers/Supervising Sound Editors

Re-recording Mixers

Casting By

  • Leslee Feldman
  • Christi Soper Hilt

Sherman and Peabody are Based Upon

The Characters and Format Created by Ted Key.


Peabody Ty Burrell
Sherman Max Charles
Marie Antoinette Lauri Fraser
Robespierre Gullaume Aretoes
Teacher Patrice A. Musick
Penny Peterson Ariel Winter
Mason Karen Brar
Carl Josh Rush
Principal Purdy Stephen Tobolowsky
Ms. Grunion Allison Janney
Judge Dennis Haysbert
Paul Peterson Stephen Colbert
Patty Peterson Leslie Mann
King Tut Zach Callison
Ay Steve Valentine
WABAC Machine Leila Birch


Production Supervisor Scott Tadashi Sakamoto
Story Artists
Ryan Crego Justin Hunt Robert Porter
Andy Gaskill Mark Koetsier John Puglish
Tim Heitz Jenny Lerew Catherine Yuh Rader
Steve Hickner David Lux Gary Trousdale
Anthony Holden Brian Pimental Anthony Zierhut
David Pimental
Additional Story Artists
Kathleen Thorson Claire Morrissey Radford Sechrist
Johane Matte Jeff Snow
Additional Dialogue by
Robert Ben Garant & Thomas Lennon
Production Coordinator Killian Grav


Associate Editors Marcus Taylor
William Steinberg
First Assistant Editors Nathan Schauf
John Currin
Assistant Editors Darrin Ly
Nolan Southerland
Joe Thygesen
Production Coordinator Cindy Freeman

Art Department

Production Supervisor Carlyn Siegler
Visual Development Artists
Avner Geller Carlos Felipe León Alexander Puvilland

Character Technical Direction

Production Supervisors Dawn Yamada
Vicky Kwan
Character Technical Directors
Zsoka Barkacs Yukinori Inagaki Steve Pohle
Thomas Bittner Hyun Seung Kim Sebastian Potet


Production Supervisor Christine T. Nguyen
Yung-Lo Chang Ardie Johnson Dave Strick


Production Supervisor Christine T. Nguyen
Woojin Choi Phiyen Nguyen Megan Stifter
Ed Deren John Rader Stephanie Ann Strickland


Production Supervisor Stephanie Quan
Rough Layout Artists
Michael Berger Jotham Herzon Dan Pilgrim
David Juan Bianchi Ewan Johnson Keith Reicher


Production Supervisor Danielle Helsaple

Lead Character Animators

Peabody Bryce McGovern
Sherman Anthony Hodgson
Penny Kevan Shorey
Nedy Acet Lance Fite Julie Nelson
Drew Adams Maciej Gliwa Antonin Plante
Christopher Martin Bancroft Rachel Hanson David Rader

Character Effects

Production Supervisor Laura C. Denton

Character Effects Leads

Monkia Erande Jon Farrell
Character Effects Artists
Kristopher Campbell Mariana Galindo Brian Missey
Kevin Carney Ben Gustella Max Rodriguez
Aaron Ac Conover Joe Hughes Amy Taylor


Production Supervisor Laura C. Denton
Crowds Artists
David Bazelon Christine Liu Jeff Sullivan
Christina Hsu Holland Josh Richards D'Lun Wong
Geoffrey Jarrett Todd Zullo

Cycle Animators

Michael Timothy Chen Scott Raymond


Production Supervisor Henri Hovhanesyan
Effects Leads
Laurent Kermel Jason Rickwald Andrew Wheeler
Fangwei Lee Krzysztof Rost Jihyun Yoon
Jason Waltman


Production Supervisor David Isetta
Zachary Golg
Lead Lighters
Sucheta Bhatawadekar Brian Kulig Ryan Michero
Antoine Deschamps Amber Stewart Lunderville Stephanie Mulqueen

Technical Direction

Lead Technical Directors Crystal Fong
Kaishin Kam
Technical Directors
Patrick R. Angell Greg Denton Jung-Hyun Kim

Matte Painting

Production Supervisor David Isetta
Matte Painting Lead Jason Arold
Matte Painters
Steven Albert Caroleen Jett Green Michael Wei Mao

Image Finaling

Production Supervisor Monica De Armond
Image Finaling Artists
Michael James Baula Bill Gumina Nikhil Sinha


Central Production Supervisor Laura Pepper


Accounting & Finance

Production Accountant Matthew Burke
Assistant Production Accountants Herbert W. Chin
Susan DeMartin
Wingmay Vivian Liu

India Unit

Creative Director Philippe Gluckman
General Manager Damin De Froberville

Technicolor India - Dreamworks Projects Unit

Technicolor India-DreamWorks Projects Unit

Post Production

Barco Auro 11.1


DreamWorks Animation Studio Management

Work, Services, and Networking Provided By Hewlett-Packard


DreamWorks Animation's Preferred Technology Provider

Processor and Software Engineering Services Provided By


DreamWorks Animation's Preferred Processor Provider

DreamWorks Animation Technology

Chief Technology Officer Lincoln Wallen
Head of Technology Global Operations Derek Chan
Head of Research and Development Jeffrey Wike
Technology Executive Kate Swanborg
Head of Technology Initiatives Warren Mayoss

Research & Development

Digital Operations

Technology Management

Thanks to Everyone at DreamWorks Animation and PDI/DreamWorks Who Supported This Production

Special Thanks

  • Jennifer Ventimilia & Josh Sternin
  • Joyce Arrastia
  • Julie Rogers


Soundtrack Available on

Relativity Music Group

Recorded Using an ARRI Digital Film Recorder.

Prints by Deluxe Avid
Dolby Atmos Datasat Digital Sound SDDS Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
No.48834 Motion Picture Association of America This Picture Made Under the Jurisdiction Or. Kodak Motion Picture Film

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