Mr. Ping

Performer: James Hong
Appeared in: Kung Fu Panda

Spoilers Warning

Mr. Ping is the obviously surrogate father of Po Ping, his oblivious, klutzy son from the movie Kung Fu Panda, a fact that Po wonders about aloud at one point of the movie, making many wonder if everyone (Po, Tai Lung, and Tigress) in China is adopted.

A sweet but oblivious goose, he is a loving, supporting father who is loathe to change tradition. Running a noodle shop which he inherited from his father who inherited it from his father who won it from a friend, an old pig, in a game of ma jong, he admits to once having a dream of cooking tofu, but when asked why he did not, states that it was a silly dream.

Claiming that Po's dreaming about noodles is a sign that he is almost ready to learn the secret ingredient of Mr. Ping's famous Secret Ingredient Soup, he tells his son to bring the noodle cart to the choosing of the Dragon Warrior to sell noodles to the entire Valley.

Later, when Po is seen trying to get over the wall to see Master Oogway choose the Dragon Warrior, he tries to talk his son out of it, only to be shocked when the fireworks beneath Po's chair go off, sending him over the wall.

When Po returns from his training with Master Shifu and the Furious Five to help evacuate the Valley after finding the Dragon Scroll to be blank, Mr. Ping tries to act like nothing has happened, only to find Po near inconsolable, even after offering to find a new shop with a kitchen that Po could stand in. As a last resort, Mr. Ping tells an unenthusiastic Po the secret ingredient of his Secret Ingredient Soup, which was nothing. Making a final connection, Po realizes that in order to make something or someone special, you only need to believe that they are. This knowledge allows Po to defeat the evil Tai Lung.

At the end of the film, Mr. Ping is seen referring to his son as "that big, handsome Kung Fu warrior" and hugging him as best as he can, standing proudly by his side as the Furious Five bow to Po, naming him a master.

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