Willard Tweedy is the (former) secondary antagonist of Chicken Run. He is Mrs. Tweedy's ex-husband and former henchman.

Mr. Tweedy was going around the chicken arm and when The Dogs spoted Ginger, when she was trap, then Mrs. Tweedy ask's Mr. Tweedy whys Ginger out  side the fence and Mr. Tweedy puts Ginger in the coal bin. In the next morning, Mr. Tweedy opens the bin-door to let ginger out and march to the gate.



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In Chicken Run

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Mr. Tweedy always obeyed Mrs. Tweedy's orders, no matter how unreasonable or foolish they may seem.

Mr. Tweedy kind of acts like a good guy (as he is afraid of his wife).

At the end of the film, as the Tweedys' chicken pie business had gone bankrupt, Mr. Tweedy gets back at Mrs. Tweedy by pushing a door down on her.


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  • Mr. Tweedy is the first DreamWorks character to start as an antagonist and cause the death or defeat of the main antagonist. Dragon would also start off as an antagonist and devour Lord Farquaad in Shrek, and would later also cause the death of Prince Charming in Shrek The Third. King Harold was the third to start off as an antagonist, but caused the death of The Fairy Godmother later in the film. Nana was the fourth, as she hated Alex throughout the first two Madagascar films, but dragged off Makunga in the second film. The Terror was the fifth, as she tried to kill Puss, Kitty and Humpty, but crushed Jack & Jill. The Nightmares were the sixth, as they spread nightmares along with Pitch, but took him down at the end.


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