Melisha Tweedy (better known as "Mrs. Tweedy") was the main antagonist in Chicken Run. She was the British, sadistic, evil, selfish, short-tempered owner of the Tweedys' farm. She wants to turn the chickens into Mrs Tweedy's Chicken Pies

Mrs. Tweedy constantly tries to think of ways to kill the chickens, even turning them into chicken pies.

Mrs. Tweedy had a husband named Mr. Tweedy.

Furthermore, Mrs. Tweedy perpetually bullies and berates Mr. Tweedy.

Mrs. Tweedy wore a dark red shirt (with a pink shirt inside of it) and black boots.

Mrs. Tweedy had long black hair in a ponytail.

She was voiced by Miranda Richardson.


It's a pie machine you idiot chickens comes in Pies come out

-Melisha Tweedy

Chicken Pies you big lubbox

-Mrs Tweedy telling Mr tweedy

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