Mumbai Musical (formerly known as Bollywood Superstar Monkey) is an upcoming computer-animated musical fantasy adventure film, currently in development by DreamWorks Animation.

The film will take place in a jungle in India, much like Disney's The Jungle Book setting.


Two common monkeys become unlikely heroes in a last ditch effort to stop an ancient, thought-to-be-mythical demon from conquering the world.


  • Lea Michele as TBA
  • Rohan Chand as TBA

Production Information

The film used to be titled Bollywood Superstar Monkey, but it was renamed to Mumbai Musical. In September 2012, it was announced that the film would be released on December 19, 2015, but was half a year later rescheduled to March 18, 2016. In June 2014, the release date was pushed back to March 10, 2017. In January 2015, the film was taken off the schedule completely and shifted back into development.[1]


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