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Nai Nai is the maternal grandmother of Yi and a minor character from the 2019 film Abominable.


Nai Nai is a protective, worrisome, and caring grandmother to Yi. Though she knows that her granddaughter grieves for her deceased father, Nai Nai wishes for Yi to spend more time with her and her mother. Nai Nai loves her family so much and does not want to give up on them, especially Yi. Nai Nai is also on good terms with Yi's friends as she was willing to play basketball with Peng and later have him and his cousin Jin over for dinner.




  • Nai Nai is voiced by Tsai Chin
  • Nai Nai is said to be a great cook as Peng loves her pork buns.
  • Nai Nai and Burnish are the only two characters in the film who are about the same height and shorter than the other characters.