“New Tail”
Season 2, Episode 1
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Fake Ravine"

"New Tail" is the eleventh episode of Dinotrux, and the first episode of season 2.


Following his defeat in "Fake Ravine, D-Structs puts Skrap-It to work creating a new tail for himself, and soon decides to put his new wrecking ball to use attacking Ty and his friends. The ensuing battle sees D-Structs lose the poorly made new part and ending up stranded on a cliff with Skrap-It and surrounded by Scraptors. To Dozer's horror, Ty and the others insist upon trying to rescue them, and set about building a bridge even as Scrapadactyls join in on assaulting the beleaguered T-Trux and his Scraptool. D-Structs' belligerence leads him to attempt to thwart the build even against his own self interest, but the encroaching scavengers grudgingly persuade him to cross the bridge built by Ty and his friends.

D-Structs quickly departs in annoyance at having been saved by Ty and his friends, while Skya flings away a more grateful Skrap-It before she and the other Trux and Revvit discuss D-Structs' attitude. Skrap-It, separated from D-Structs, briefly considers going out on his own, but finds that he has become fond of the bullying T-Trux, and comes across a pile of useful scrap. Reuniting with D-Structs, he uses the parts to construct a new tail weapon: a powerful buzz saw. He soon attacks the Trux using this feature, only for the attachment to be knocked off during the fight due to D-Structs leaving before Skrap-It had completed the installation process.




  • This is the first episode to feature the Scraptool building theme, which resembles a darker version of that which plays during the building sequences of Ty's group.


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