Olkari (After the Victory)

Olkari are a proud engineer species who live in Olkarion from the Netflix TV series Voltron: Legendary Defender. They have a magical ability to modify metal, and make the computer essential to the essential.


When Galra attacked to Olkarion a few Olkari got away, and they had to hide in the forest. And when Voltron arrived to Olkarion, its Paladins helped them to evade the Galra. And the Paladins found out that Lubos, the former king of the Olkari was helped the Galra to build the weapon cube skiff one Galra Commander intended to destroy the Olkarion, and enslave his nation. The battle was ticklish, but Pidge managed to destroy the weapon cube, and then the Galra's forces had to retreat. And after the victory Ryner and the Olkari promised to support the Paladins of Voltron when they face Zarkon.


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