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Season 8, Episode 3
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"Dyscrapadons (episode)"
"Drillipedes (episode)"

"Renegades" is the sixty-ninnth episode of Dinotrux and the third episode of season eight, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


At The Garage, which the D-Bros. have occupied, Skrap-It discovers a telescope, which D-Stroy sees as potentially useful. Elsewhere, Skya is gathering Ore when she spots what appears to be Dozer, only to see him jump off a ramp like Ton-Ton. Returning to Renegade Base, she is surprised to find Dozer already there, but brushes the matter aside. The Renegades then head into The Crater to deliver Ore to the beleaguered Trux, only to be attacked by D-Stroy and D-Structs.

The Renegades are forced to retreat, and a subsequent attempt to enter the Flatirons using the Slide is ambushed as well. Revvit soon deduces that the villains must be using the telescope, or "view-tube", which is one of his inventions. The Renegades are divided over how to deal with the matter, with Sky becoming frustrated over her teammates' apparent views of her role and opinions. They agree to hide out, but Dozer then spots what appears to be Ton-Ton.

The Renegades go to investigate, and are stunned to run into a quartet of trucks identical in appearance to themselves. However, the group have very different personalities: Rocksie the Craneosaur is their leader; Rexxie the Tyrannosaurus Trux is moody and subdued; Doze-Doze the Dozeratops is more like Ton-Ton than Dozer; and Albert the Ankylodump is very polite and eloquent. After learning that the four were driven from their home by the D-Bros., the Renegades decide to enlist their new acquaintances against the villains. To that end, each Renegade takes their counterpart under their wing to help them learn to imitate their behavior.

After some hiccups, the impersonators head in to lure the D-Bros. away from the Garage so that the Renegades can recover the view-tube. Unfortunately, Skya's insistence on taking the lead results in the tube being lost, while the D-Bros. learn that they've been deceived. They then imprison Rocksie's group in the Garage to lure in the Renegades, who turn the tables at Skya's suggestion by impersonating their lookalikes. This proves enough to fool Skrap-It, enabling the Renegades to free their friends; the two groups of Trux then work together to double-team the D-Bros.

The Renegades succeed in recovering the view-tube, and then part ways with Rocksie's group, who are determined to carry on their own resistance efforts.





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