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“Ore Hunt”
Season 8, Episode 12
Purple ore firework
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Lil' Dread"
"Ty vs. D-Structs"
D stroy



Dreadtrux wants purple ore

D-structs vs Ty

Tv vs D-structs

Last scene from the episode

The gang prepares for the final battle

Purple ore firework

Garby"s pupre ore + explosive ore

The gang

the D-bros leave the battle

"Ore Hunt" is the seventy-seventh episode of Dinotrux and the twelfth episode of season eight, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


As the Renegades, including Garby, are preparing for missions around the Crater, Skrap-It breaks out of one of Garby's bricks. Despite the best efforts of Trux and tools alike, he manages to elude them and get back to D-Structs and D-Stroy. With the location of Renegade Base now compromised, D-Stroy attempts to unleash the Dreadtrux only to have it rebel. Realizing that it hasn't been fed any purple Ore, he sends Skrap-It to retrieve some only to learn that they've run out.

Observing this development from hiding, Revvit and the other Reptools report back to the other Renegades. Realizing that this is their chance to get the Dreadtrux away from the D-Bros., the Renegades set out to find purple Ore by calling upon every ally they can find for help. The D-Bros. also set out to locate the rare material, but both groups are frustrated in their efforts. However, the Renegades come across George, who has a large supply of purple Ore in his meditation cave.

After Skrap-It also discovers the cave, the Renegades move quickly to enact a plan to get the Ore safely away while keeping it away from the D-Bros. They construct several wagons, with each one proving to be a decoy as the D-Bros. pursue them. Ultimately, Garby proves to have eaten the Ore in order to transport it and lure the Dreadtrux out of the Crater. Unfortunately, Garby's system is unable to process the Ore to make bricks, leaving him pursued by the ravenous Dreadtrux. To make matters worse, the D-Bros. begin their own attack on the Stegarbasaurus.

As Ravvit enters Garby in an attempt to free his systems, the other Renegades try to keep the D-Bros. and the Dreadtrux away from Garby. Unfortunately, Revvit is ejected from Garby's system, leaving behind a piece of explosive Ore within Garby. However, the sight of his friends menaced by all three enemy Trux leads Garby to make a mad charge against the Dreadtrux, which causes the combined Ore varieties to finally emerge from his system as bricks. The explosive material soon lures the Dreadtrux across the Bridge and out of the Crater, opening the way for the Renegades to liberate the Crater once and for all.



  • D-Stroy asking D-Structs whether Skrap-It "always need[s] a good job and a pat on the head" is a near verbatim quote of D-Structs' own question to Skrap-It in "Flynt."


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