Oscar the Fish (also called "Oscar the Shark Slayer," or simply known as "The Shark Slayer" or "Shark Slayer") is the main protagonist in Shark Tale. He is cowardly, proud, cool, street-talking rainbow tropical fish, who dreams of fame and fortune, and in order to achieve his goal, he lies, saying that he murdered Frankie Lino the Shark, the son of Don Lino the Shark and older brother of Lenny Lino the Shark.

Oscar's friends are Lenny, Ernie and Bernie, and Lino.

Oscar's love interest is Angie.

Things go bad for Oscar when his fame and fortune go down the undersea drain when Lino seeks revenge.

Oscar nearly gets killed by Lino, but then reveals that it was an anchor, that killed Frankie.

Lino is cool with Oscar, Oscar becomes a manager, and he and Angie get back together.

Oscar would prefer to run away from danger rather than fighting it, but he is actually very caring and will do anything to protect his friends from danger.

Oscar is a professional tongue scrubber at his job the Whale Wash.

Oscar is somewhat of a ladies man and attracts many female fish all (except for Lola the Fish).

Oscar and Angie kiss each other near the end of the film.

Oscar knows that Angie's favorite food is Kelpy Kreams. He is voiced by Will Smith.

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