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Otis the Elevated is a minor antagonist in the Big Idea franchise, VeggieTales.


Years ago, Gildersleeve provided for Otis by giving him half of the golden crest (which is in the shape of a duck) that was the key to his castle. Otis is given the body of the duck, which he is surprised about, thinking that Gildersleeve doesn't trust him, while the head of the duck, which contains the key to the vault, is given to Petunia's mother-in-law Nona (played by Madame Blueberry).


Years later, Otis shows up, accompanied by his accomplice Novak (played by Mr. Nezzer). Otis then demonstrates the element of surprise in war by taunting Sleepless Knight into charging him, which Sleepless Knight does, but Otis blinds him with sunlight reflected off the surface of a shield, which causes Sleepless Knight to fall face down on the ground in front of Otis, with Otis claiming, "All is fair in love and war". Novak then announces that Otis will be taking all comers in the annual Jousting Tournament. Otis then tells all the knights that this is the training that could save their lives when facing a Rhubarbarian, and that there isn't a nice one among them.

A couple days later, Duke (played by Larry the Cucumber) approaches Otis, telling him that he's going to joust him at the tournament. Of course, when Otis hears this news, he starts laughing, until he sees the key of the duck-shaped crest hanging around Duke's neck, before he realizes that the body of the duck is the only thing that he has. Duke then tells Otis that that the winner gets both halves of the duck, which Otis is interested in hearing, before Duke tells him, "If you won't take care of family, I will." Otis then replied by saying that "looking out for others is for saps," but Duke corrects him by telling him that "looking out for others is true love." This only makes Otis laugh more, telling Duke that he's seen him train before telling him that he's on.

Soon, the day of the tournament has come at last, as Novak introduces the crowds to the two competitors of the joust, which are Otis the Elevated (which everyone cheers for) and Duke Duke (which everyone boos at as someone throws an apple at his head). The first test of the joust is an obstacle course known as "the Implausibly Arduous Obstacle Course of Peril." Otis is the first one to go through the obstacle course, as he quickly slides down the slide, runs on the turning ramp, slides down a tunnel, navigates his way past a bunch of boots, hammers, and boxing gloves on swinging poles, swings over a pit of slime, and bounces up a trampoline next to Novak, with 23 seconds as his best time. It is now Duke's turn, but he ends up losing his balance down the slide, before he falls onto the ramp, staggers into the tunnel, gets hit by each of the swinging weapons, falls into the slime pit, and ends up hitting the side of the announcement post when he attempts to bounce up on the trampoline, with 67 seconds for his worst time.

The second test of the joust is what's known as "the Hurling Catapults of Slime," in which Duke and Otis are to be asked a riddle by the Abbot of Costello (played by Scallion # 1), to which if one of them guesses the answer right, the other will get catapulted into a bucket of slime. The Abbot then goes ahead with the riddle, which is, "There are three members of the royal family with strange names; Sir Who, Prince What, and Lady I Don't Know. They want to board a ferry to cross a treacherous river. Taking into account their rank, what would be the reverse order in which they should board the ferry?" By luck, Duke is able to correctly guess "Who's on first," "What's on second," and "I Don't Know's on third." When Otis tries to ask who went third, he ends up getting catapulted into the bucket of slime as a result. Otis then comes out of the slime while looking very angry.

The third test of the joust is what's known as "the Joust with the Pies of Doom." The joust involves Duke and Otis jousting each other on wooden horses with pies situated at the ends of their lances, and that whoever gets knocked off his horse loses. Otis then yells at Duke that he's going to lose everything, before Duke then looks down, becoming dizzy at how high up he is on the ramp. Lucas (played by Bob the Tomato) then tells Duke that no one would blame him if he backed out, saying that Petunia is a Rhubarbarian, before asking Duke if he's really willing to take a pie for Petunia. Duke then answers that Petunia has no family to look out for her and that he has to think of her first.

The joust then begins as both Duke and Otis charge towards each other on their horses, but they miss the first time as the horses then roll up the opposite ramps before rolling back down again towards each other. They miss the second time. Before they charge towards each other on their horses the their time, Otis says to Duke, " Oh, I want that duck. Nona, Petunia, and those silly peasants can all starve for all I care." Hearing this, the crowds were shocked and realized that Otis told them a lie about the Rhubarbarians, so they changed their minds to cheer for Duke instead, such as when four citizens flipped the letters from Otis to Duke. Both Duke and Otis then charge towards each other. As this happens, sunlight reflects off the top of Otis's helmet and onto the key around Petunia's neck, blinding him and leading him to get knocked off his horse by Duke, which means that Duke is the winner of the joust and the crowds cheered for him. Novak then approaches the defeated Otis, who bitterly asks him, "What are you looking at?". It's possible that he lost his reputation after this.


  • He is based on Guardian-redeemer from the story of Ruth and Naomi from the Bible.
  • Some people have believed that Otis isn't a villain, although he is a villain because he has immoral traits.
    • He also tells the people a lie about the Rhubarbarians.


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