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"Ottos" is the twelfth episode of Dinotrux.


One night in The Crater, both Ton-Ton and Skrap-It spot a large object fly through the air before crashing nearby; Ton-Ton's friends and D-Structs eventually recognize it as a meteor from their descriptions and set off to find it, as meteors contain a particularly delicious type of Ore. After passing by Scraptor Valley, Ton-Ton's group makes two discoveries: one, the meteor is covered by an apparently impenetrable shell; and two, it has damaged a ravine home to the Ottos, a group of Hex Wrench Reptools who all share the same name and appearance. Feeling bad for the Ottos, Ty and his friends resolve to help them relocate to the Reptool Ravine, which according to Revvit has more than enough room for them. After constructing a trailer modeled after Ton-Ton's bed to carry the Ottos' supplies while Ton-Ton himself carries the Ottos, the group sets off.

D-Structs, meanwhile, decides to use the meteor's size and durability to his advantage by sending it rolling after the Trux in hopes of crushing them. Ty and his friends become aware of the approaching threat after dealing with Skrap-It's sabotage to their trailer and a group of Scraptors, and scramble for a means of escaping doom. Ton-Ton, who has been feeling ignored due to the others not taking him seriously-due in part to his tendency to exaggerate-ends up proposing a successful plan, converting the trailer and himself into a ramp that launches the meteor into the air to smash harmlessly against a canyon wall. The friends then enjoy the meteor Ore, much to the annoyance of D-Structs, before completing the journey to the Ottos' new home.