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Pandy Paws is the deuteragonist in the DreamWorksNetflix's series, Gabby's Dollhouse. He is Gabby Girl's best friend and her stuffed animal.


Physical Appearance[]

Pandy Paws is a White Cat with Black Patches, grey muzzle and tummy markings, a pink nose and black paws. He often carries a Magenta bag called his Pandy Pack

As Doctor Pandy

He wears a white doctors coat. In the middle, there is a steel blue patch with a heart-shaped, magenta paw print with light pink inside the heart. He also wears a black stethoscope around his neck. At the end of the tubing, there is a silver diaphragm with black kitty ears.

In Pajamas

Pandy has sky blue pajamas with pickles and hot dogs on them. On the wrists and ankles, there is a yellow ring.