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“Part Kart”
Season 8, Episode 5
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Drillipedes (episode)"
"Crabcavator (episode)"

"Part Kart" is the seventy-first episode of Dinotrux and the fifth episode of season eight, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


After encountering some damaged Trux in the field, the Renegades decide to build a mobile repair unit to allow them to carry out repairs in the field. After carrying out a number of repairs, the group splits up to look for other damaged Trux. Skya heads out to the Volcano, and finds a Hydrodon named Fryttz being attacked by Scraptools led by Knock-It. Skya helps drive them off, and then tries to lead Fryttz to the Part Kart.

Along the way, the pair are hampered by Fryttz's lack of self-confidence, but Skya is able to help him. Unfortunately, their trip takes them right through Knock-It's territory, and she sets out with her tools-including the hammer-wielding Skrug-to make an example of the pair. Meanwhile, the rest of the Renegdes come looking for Skya, only to lose the Part kart and be forced to chase it. They are then attacked by Scraptors, while Skya and Fryttz find them only to be intercepted by Knock-It's tools.

The tools soon disable Fryttz's water cannon and back the pair up against a seeping lava flow, with Skya calling out to Revvit and the others for help. They are able to get the needed part down to Skya, but she is called upon to make the repair despite lacking confidence that she can do it. However, with Fryttz returning the favor of encouragement and her teammates helping to hold off the Scraptools while also battling Scraptors, she succeeds. With the Scraptools driven off, the Renegades are able to give Fryttz a proper repair job-or two.





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