Peng is a character in Abominable. He is the younger cousin of Jin and a friend of Yi.


Peng is a young boy with a passion for basketball. He is very childish and goofy which makes him bond easily with Everest who is a young yeti and shares Peng's childish antics. Peng loves food especially Nai Nai's pork dumplings and even shouting in excitement when Everest uses his powers to grow blueberries.

Peng likes to annoy his older cousin because of his popularity, but he does care for Jin. Peng also cares for Yi and is sympathetic to her after her father had passed away. He does anything to help and comfort Yi during their journey to the Himalayas, showing his compassionate nature. When confronted by danger, Peng is shown to be quite intelligent for his age as he created a distraction with yaks, in order for him and Everest to escape Dr. Zara, Burnish, and their henchmen.




  • Peng is voiced by Albert Tsai.
  • Peng is the only youngest character in the movie Abominable. Even though Everest is a young yeti, he is young in age difference than Peng.
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