“Picktools (episode)”
Season 4, Episode 2
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Ton-Ton and Skrap-It"

"Picktools" is the forty-second episode of Dinotrux.


Still making their way home through the frozen north, the Trux and tools are traveling across thin ice when they encounter the strange Picktools, who appear to be intent on breaking the ice beneath them. They succeed in driving them off only to be attacked by Stealth Scrapadactyls and to run into George, who's gotten stranded on thin ice in his travels. The Picktools return and Revvit is seemingly abducted by them, but it turns out that they were trying to protect the Trux and tools by showing them where the ice was thin and cracking. They help Ty's group get to a safer patch of ice, and in return the Trux help build a barrier to protect their home from Arctic Scraptors.

With the Picktools' additional help, the Trux make their way across the ice, even after a large patch of it cracks and threatens to drop the Trux into the water. However, plummeting temperatures soon leave all the Trux but Ty unable to move their treads, and a flock of Stealth Scrapadactyls and a pack of Arctic Scraptors close in on them. Spotting their friends the Pteracopters, the Trux and tools successfully build a beacon to signal them. With the aid of the Pteracopters, who had been searching for them, the group is able to make it's way back to The Crater.





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