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Season 1, Episode 5
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Original air date August 14, 2015
Dinotrux Episodes

"Pit" is the fifth episode of Dinotrux.


Following a storm, Ty and his friends are cleaning out The Garage when they learn of a fallen tree blocking the way to Reptool Ravine. As the Trux set about clearing it, Revvit desires to help but is refused, with Ty believing he's unable to help due to his small size. Meanwhile, D-Structs and Skrap-It discover a sinkhole left by the storm, and D-Structs decides to take advantage of it to get the Dinotrux out of his way one-by-one. Skya, Ton-Ton, Dozer, and Ty are swiftly trapped, and Revvit escapes after a brief confrontation with Skrap-It due to D-Structs not considering him a threat.

While watching as D-Structs attempts to bury the Trux in the sinkhole, Revvit notices the T-Trux's dislike of Dragonflopters, which Revvit had previously learned to communicate with. Acting quickly, he gathers a swarm of them and the other Reptools and leads them against D-Structs, distracting the villain long enough for Ty and the others to build a ramp to allow them to make their escape from the pit. Once freed, Ty smashes the edge of the pit with his wrecking ball, causing D-Structs to fall into it himself followed shortly by a hopeful Skrap-It. Reunited, the tools and Trux make their way back home, with Ty acknowledging that he underestimated Revvit.





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