All Hail King Julien
“Poll Position”
Season 1, Episode 2
Poll Position - Maurice on stage.png
Production code
Story by
Written by Elliott Owen
Storyboards by
Written and storyboarded by
Directed by Christo Stamboliev
Original air date December 19, 2014
All Hail King Julien Episodes
"King Me"
"Enter the Fanaloka"

"Poll Position" is the second episode of All Hail King Julien.



Julien is worried about his popularity of 99%, and he tries to convince his hater to love him.



In front of a bamboo scenario, Maurice presents King Julien as the one who drove away the foosa and as the one who taught them to dance like nobody's watching and love like they haven't been ever hurt (the latter two after being ordered by Julien to do so).

Julien then makes a bombastic entrance above some lemurs, being cheered. Meanwhile, Clover is patrolling using the codename "Delta Echo Foxtrot" and talking to an imaginary radio communicator. A lemur asks her who's on the other side, and then notes she doesn't even have a comm, only to have his arm squeezed by her. She them takes him to other part of the island.

Meanwhile, Julien has got up the scenario, and comments to Maurice that's what he always wanted: to be adored by everyone. He says that in order to keep Madagascar safe, he made a navy. Then, he removes the bamboo screen, revealing a boat made of an urinal. He grabs a bottle of coke and christens it as the Old Porcelainsides. The bottle begins vibrating, and lets his own cap go, turning into a rocket, which hits Mort and locks him up in a scuba helmet, that ends up filling with coke. Then, Julien appoints Willie as its captain. Willie asks if the Old Porcelainsides is sea-worthy, only to Maurice to answer that it's pee-worthy. Julien kicks him to the vessel, and releases the ties with a lever.


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