Master Porcupine was a legendary deceased Kung Fu master whose Chi was taken by Kai and used in his Jade army in Kung Fu Panda 3


Kung Fu Panda 3

There is nothing else known about Master Porcupine other than that he was possibly among the first of Oogway's students trained in Kung Fu and that he apparently passed away into the Spirit Realm a hundred years prior. After having his Chi taken by Kai upon arrival, Porcupine was resurrected as a Jade soldier and used alongside the Badger Twins to find Oogway's students and bring them to the yak when he returned to the Mortal Realm.He hard against Po, the Furious Five, and Shifu in the Valley of Peace. During the fight, Po and the others remarked on how Porcupine and the Badgers were made of jade, Po going so far as to seize Porcupine in the middle of their fight and ask a startled bystander pig to take a sketch of them together, which Porcupine stopped by kicking at Po and throwing him through the ceiling of Mr. Ping's restaurant, and Po's old room. While in Po's room, Porcupine still fought against Po, going so far as to attempt to strangle him, but Po, still starstruck, instead brought out his nearby action figure of Master Porcupine. Porcupine and the Badgers were kept at bay by Po's rapid spitting out dumplings, which distracted the three jade beings. Once the Five, Shifu and Po had the upper hand and the three old masters were pinned, Kai spoke through them and summoned them away, causing them to disappear as quickly as they had appeared.</p>Not long after, when Kai found the Panda Village, he unleashed all of his jade slaves, including Porcupine, upon the pandas and those with them. The pandas, however, got the upper hand through the battle, and Kai retracted his minions. It is presumed that once Po successfully vanquished Kai in the Spirit Realm overloading with Chi, Porcupine and the other masters enslaved were returned to normal when they had the left over Chi given to them by the panda himself and left to rest in peace.</p></p>

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